So that "LA FRANCE" might live

Project History:

« LA FRANCE » : a dream anchored in reality... 

a five-masted barque...

I) Introduction

The "France II Renaissance" Association has undertaken a project that will give France the Great Tall Ship that it deserves.

The new Tall Ship will be constructed precisely according to the measurements of the Five-Masted Ship "FRANCE II", constructed in Bordeaux in 1911 by the shipbuilders of Gironde. This ship ran around in New Caledonia in 1922, and was destroyed by American bombers in 1944. That which was the greatest Tall Ship in the world will be reborn in the year 2000.

 Since its conception, a team of specialists have been studying the project. The past four years have seen meticulous planning and verification of the feasibility of each aspect of the project.

 An initial study was realized in the aspects of naval architecture, financial network and support, and commercial exploitation, in order to specifically outline the objectives and the specifications in each sector.

cabestan.gif (9543 octets)

1,200,000 MAN-HOURS

will be required for the reconstruction of the greatest Tall Ship in the world



Eric Tabarly's message:


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To think that France possessed the greatest maritime fleet of naval trade ships at the beginning of the century and that no trace of it exists today, has always seemed to me incomprehensible.

That today, with the French infatuation for tall ships and maritime tradition, we possess no ship corresponding to this history, is stranger still.

The construction of a five-masted France, a replica of that which was the pride of the French sailors of Cape Horn, will restore the legitimate place of our country alongside other great countries possessing naval academies.

These few simple, but profound reflections bring me to offer not only my full backing for the project that you have undertaken, but my active support as well. For it is a project which, on several occasions, I have wished upon.

Count on me to be among those who respond, "Ready, Captain!" so that "France" might live.

November 30, 1995



I Introduction: «LA FRANCE», a dream anchored in reality...
II Operation of the Five Masted Ship «LA FRANCE»
III Construction of the Five Masted Ship «LA FRANCE»
IV The Open Shipyard
V Funding for the Project
VI Conclusion et appendices

by Robert Mc Farlane, Naval Architect.

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