II) Operation of the Five Masted Ship « LA FRANCE »

a) Naval Academy of Marine Trade.

Equipage de France II, vers 1916. Collection Le Toullec / Orvelin

The absence of a ship that can serve as an on-board training facility has created a bottle-neck that limits the number of trainees accepted at the Naval Academy.

The ship "La France" hopes to fill the role of an on-board academy to the Marine Trade organization.

"A careful study clearly and undeniably showed that there are many candidates (almost too many!) who wish enter the Academy of Marine Trade.

Most of the students that enter the Academy do so with the intention of disembarking for reasons of easy on-land job-placement.

The Marine Trade Academy is undergoing extensive expansion and their training has resulted in 100% job-placement.

The first screening will take place at the "Maritime Academy" which will be established on-land. This will be followed by training on-board "La France", where student officers will have access to the appropriate amenities and facilities allowing them to complete their training in the best conditions.

*Extract of the report in "Days at Sea", Commission "Naval Service" Congress of the IFM of Bordeaux on January 24, 1997.

b) The Center for On-board training in naval and sea-cruising professions.

The ship will operate as the training center for professions in sea-cruising and maritime tourism.

European shipyards build a large number of passenger ships and the cruising world is in the process of development and expansion.

Few French personnel board these ships, for outside the difficulties presented by the mastery of foreign languages, the basic elements of training for these specialized professions do not exist to this day.

By way of example, the majority of Trade Schools offering a degree in Tourism offer air and rail training, while alienating the maritime industry.

The Maritime Academy on-land, with the cooperation of existing training and apprenticeship organizations, are organizing the selection of personnel by proposing to them complementary high-performance learning tools, particularly in the fields of foreign languages and in marine service in light of their future embarkation.

c) The National Naval Ambassador.

boisecq01.gif (6906 octets) This ship will represent French quality and specialty from high-quality to deluxe products and industrial and technological expertise, to the promotion of our regions and DOM/TOM.

It becomes necessary to recall at this point, the considerable success of great maritime events and attractions that provokes the presence of a tall ship in all port cities.

"La France" will be the greatest among them. In addition, it will benefit from international media coverage during its construction, and will serve as a superb Ambassador to France.

d) Center of the Preservation of Traditional Naval Professions.

The Association intends to preserve in "La France" most of the technical elements that served its illustrious predecessor. In particular, in the regulations of Classification of passenger ships, the dimensions of the ship, the apparent complexity of the rigging of a five-masted ship, the multiple maneuvers, and the imposing surface of the sails. These elements form the perfect basis for the conception and realization of a veritable center for the preservation of maritime expertise which will be directly tied to the on-land "Maritime Academy."

e) An unbeatable economic reality.

To benefit from the polyvalent nature of the ship's operation, it must be placed in a precise economic context: that of cruise-ships. The presence of cruise passengers will serve not only to validate the training held on-board, but also guarantee profitability.

Situated in a niche of Mini Pleasure Cruise Ships, and along the World Tour route, "La France" will carry 200 passengers in 100 cabins of the same class.

The atmosphere on-board will probably be much like that on the "Eastern Orient Express".

The European crew will comprise of a total of 90 persons.



On land:

 The Maritime Academy

…and at sea:

the World Tour

a cultural mission
 through the transmission
of knowledge and experience

a Naval School
with passengers:

  • the world of Tall Ships
  •  the French Marine Trade
  •  the history of cruise ships
  •  a maritime library
  •  conference and projection rooms
  •  thematic exhibition halls

 an educational mission

 with "Discovery" modules

  • maritime artisan products (rigging, pulleys, sails, forge, framework, woodwork…)
  • naval architecture and construction
  • navigation
  •  astronomy, meteorology, hydrology…

 a mission of training

 proposed to navigating personnel

  •  on-board hotel management
  •  tourism and sea-cruise professions
  •  naval professions
  •  language laboratory
  • of the Marine Trade
  •  of on-board hotel management
  •  of professions in tourism and sea-cruise
  •  center for the preservation of naval professions and maritime expertise

 "La France" is an exceptional element in the future training of naval professions: by mixing cadets and passengers, apprenticeship is validated. The experience itself complements professional training in a real context.

 an ambassador

  • the window to French artisan and industrial expertise

  • ambassador to French cities, regions, and countries, it represents our culture and our expertise to the world

  •  it will also be a symbol of the force and will of a nation capable of mobilizing its citizens

  •  so that it might eventually respond and offer solutions to today's real problems

  •  all this, through the realization of a project which carries the dreams and aspirations of all people

 while remaining anchored to an economic, social and cultural reality.




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