VI) Conclusion.

Project "LA FRANCE" aspires to be a unifying endeavor above all, generating more than 1,200,000 hours of work, thereby making a modest contribution to the current problems of unemployment.

It will also strive to promote and facilitate understanding of naval shipyards, whether military or civilian, to the general public.

It will provide the youth in search of direction, a panel of skills and training that are still relevant today, and that remain at the heart of our great ports, of naval construction, of trade. This particular facet will ensure the rich exchange and transmission of expertise from those who possess them to those who wish to acquire them.

Structure of a riveted ship. Drawing
 by William A. Baker Tre Trycare 
Grund Edition

It will allow the revival of a partnership between officials and the general public, brought together under the banner of the Project that aims to recreate one of the most magnificent dream weavers : The greatest Tall Ship in the world.

The construction project of the five-masted ship "LA FRANCE" will be a testimony that our Culture can and must be an engine for our Economy and that it is also in drawing from our past that we can build certain elements of our future.

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The contract of embarkation is an integral part of the national subscription machinery. It is the symbol of engagement for individuals who wish to participate in the great adventure that is "LA FRANCE".

Each affiliate agrees to a donation, the value of which is based upon the price of one working hour.

To assure the confidence of the public and guarantee proper usage of donations from members, donations will not be accepted until construction is begun.


I Introduction: ĞLA FRANCEğ, a dream anchored in reality...
II Operation of the Five Masted Ship ĞLA FRANCEğ
III Construction of the Five Masted Ship ĞLA FRANCEğ
IV The Open Shipyard
V Funding for the Project
VI Conclusion et appendices
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