French Ship Academy. Why become a member?
maquette de Gilbert Carrouget / Photo Pierre Marie
model of the five masted
The Association is dedicated to the construction of a tall ship using modern techniques and technology. The new ship will be based upon the measurements of the five-masted ship "FRANCE" which was constructed in Bordeaux in 1911. The proprietary rights, leasing, donation and commercialization in all forms of the ship will be the responsibility of the Association. The ship will be constructed and assembled by one or more French or European construction companies chosen by the Association in cooperation with the local organizations concerned.

Due to the historic link of New Caledonia to the ship, this Overseas Territory will be invited to participate directly in the project lead by the Association. The reconstruction of the ship will be an opportunity to reinforce the ties between France and New Caledonia.

 The ship "LA FRANCE" will be designed for training at the European level, for general naval skills and, in particular, skills in sea-cruising. This function will be complemented by a training program on land that is created by the Association, and is known today as the "Maritime Academy".

 Its mission is to be an itinerant ambassador of Francophony throughout the world, promoting its own culture and tradition, especially in international maritime events.

 Moreover, the ship's construction and the associated events must, under the aegis of the Association and in cooperation with existing organizations, give priority to the participation of a certain number of underprivileged youths in compliance with an objective regarding social and professional reinsertion of these individuals.

 The construction of the ship, as well as its operation may be accompanied by presentations, promotional campaigns, promotional campaigns, and all general activities concerning the Association.

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